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Cédric Brun

Building kick-ass products in Eclipse and on Eclipse.

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I am CTO at Obeo, a french company focused on building tools and technologies enabling users to leverage the power of modeling to reason on their problems. We are building open-source technologies in the Eclipse project, step after step getting closer to robust and sustainable model where the technology is free yet evolving and supported.

We started in 2006 with technologies focused reverse engineering and code generation through the creation of the Acceleo project. Then started to get involved in Eclipse through EMF Compare and a couple of other projects.

Obeo is now one of the 11 Strategic Members of the Eclipse Fundation and has more active commiters in Eclipse than Red-hat or Oracle.

I was there when Obeo was only 4 peoples in a single room and we are now close to 60 peoples spread out over France and just starting to take over the world.

I’m managing a team of talented developpers, growing a number of products from proof of concepts to operational-ready and contributing to adapting the company organization and practices over time.