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Cédric Brun

Build open-source technologies to enable mission critical tools for complex domains.

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I am CEO at Obeo, a French tool vendor helping organizations face complex systems to reach their goal through design tool. I started as a software engineer with a hint of academia through a master degree. I got involved in open-source projects quite early through contributions to KDE or the Linux Kernel, I then joined the Eclipse community and I am leading couples of projects there (EcoreTools, Amalgamation) and I am a member of the Architecture Council.

The itch I keep scratching is “How can we make better and open tools, faster?” and that led me to domain specific modeling practices and technologies. I like to share my findings through conferences and happened to co-author a number of articles and research papers (see the Talks and Papers page).

At Obeo we leverage the power of modeling so that building a tool becomes a matter of days instead of months. Our vision is that your tools are critical to your success and you should keep the control over it, we provide our technologies under open-source license, through the Eclipse Foundation which guarantees a vendor-neutral and open governance.

Each step we make brings us closer to a robust and sustainable model where the technology is free yet evolving and supported.

We started in 2006 with technologies focused reverse engineering and code generation through the creation of the Acceleo project. Then started to get involved in Eclipse through EMF Compare and a couple of other projects.

Obeo is now one of the 10 Strategic Members of the Eclipse Foundation next to Red-hat, IBM or Oracle and is one of the most active organizations, yet we are nowhere near these companies are we are close to 50 peoples spread out over France and just starting to take over the world by opening an office in Vancouver!