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Cédric Brun

Build open-source technologies to enable mission critical tools for complex domains.

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A blend of technical insight and business acumen, focusing on Obeo's adventures in open-source and software innovation.



Interview by Strumenta

Language Engineering Talks 06 - Interview with Cédric Brun on modeling area. Here the link to read the interview and to watch the video


Let's Do It! Obeo loves The SeaCleaners

I am deeply convinced a company is not only an economical actor. It has a much wider responsibility as any decision also has social, environmental or even po...



North America, here we come!

Industries are relying either on ad hoc or rigid tools for systems engineering. Either the tool is built “in-house” and grow organically or it is bought to o...


Obeo Turns 10

Obeo celebrated its 10th birthday a few days ago. If you rank numbers by their symbolic power the number 10 is probably pretty high on the list. It should at...


Eclipse Sirius and Obeo Designer

Now that one of the major Obeo Designer Technologies is Open-Source you might wonder how we get to employ close to 60 people. [..]


Introducing Eclipse Sirius

You might have noticed some signs of excitement from us lately, one being the following tweet : 4:45 pm : I'm clicking on "send" and it's gonna rock.— Cédric...


Unusual Propulsion System

It's been more than four years now since I joined the just founded Obeo company and started to be involved in the Eclipse Community. I had the chance to join...



Chocolate commit

At workwe have a rule : if you commit something which does not compile, or that cause failure of the build, then you haveto bring back a chocolates candies b...