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Times have been busy since Eclipse Summit, mixing the great stuffs I'm doing at work, Gaspard (Casper) incredibly fast growing, the Eclipse and Open Source activities and the whole Christmas and New Year's Eve stuffs, each day was full of excitement.

First, Ed came at Obeo/Nantes for a full day of cool technical stuffs, demos, and of course, pastry ! If you didn't met Ed you can't even imagine how friendly he is, that was a great time and I've been able to give him back the chocolates I was owing him. Feel free to come back any time Ed !

Speaking about chocolates, the end of the year was full of those at Obeo. As more and more internal projects uses continuous builds with hudson, more and more chocolate commits gets detected ! A day without a new chocolate box has been a rare thing lately.

About code, projects and products, If you're a model user, you'll probably be happy to learn that EMF compare 0.9 features are being done in the repository, here is a quick glimpse of the "ResourceSet Match" also known as the "EMF Compare can't handle my models having external references bug"

Here we're comparing a genmodel, and you probably already knows that genmodels are decorating ecore models, and as such have references on the ecore model.

If you're interested in EMF Compare, do not hesitate to have a look on the webinar Laurent and I did in December !

It's demonstrating EMF Compare both from a user point of view and from a developper, tool vendor or "extender" one :)

As a side note, do not hesitate to ask the foundation to organize a webinar for your project, you'll get those Eclipse Shirts which are quite collector ones then ;) Thanks again for your help Lynn !

These are just a few things who made the end of 2008 an exciting time and no doubt 2009 we'll be even more exciting !

First I'm now a member of both Architecture and Planning Councils, I'm confident I'll enjoy theses and I'll do my best to fulfill the expectations there.

Second :

Yes, I'm speaking to
EclipseCon thanks to Obeo and the program commitee (nah nah, nothing to do with the chocolate box ! ) and I'll present a talk there about Team Work with models so that I can show EMF Compare in action, its integration in GMF modelers and even a bit of 3D if I'm able to code a prototype with GEF 3D since then.

Stay tuned for more exciting stuffs from the modeling space ;)