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Thank you from the Acceleo Team (unfortunately not complete here, have a look on the team pages for core and modules) !

Thanks for all the people involved in Acceleo's winning the "Best Open Source Eclipse-Based Developer Tool" price this year. No doubt you'll be quite pleased to hear that "Next-gen Acceleo development is taking place in Eclipse.org ", right there, in the M2T project.

The next-gen Acceleo has many differences with the Acceleo.org one, especially :
  • efficient standalone support right now, that means you can reuse the generation engine even outside of an Eclipse or OSGi context, just put the EMF and OCL jars and you're done.
  • a new statically typed syntax based on the MTL OMG standard
  • aspect-like patterns to extends existing cartridges.
  • automatically generated Java API for your generation module. It's then really easy to leverage a generation cartridge from your own action or wizard.

But we keep the fondamentals that made Acceleo.org a success, especially:
  • Pragmatic vision : let's make it easy for the 95% stuffs everybody does, let's put Java extension for the remaining 5% stuffs not everybody needs.
  • Nifty tooling : debug, completion, show references, open declaration, highlighting, markers, any feature you expect from an Eclipse Editor is there.
  • Community : the Acceleo.org community has been pretty active in providing a full set of "ready to use cartridges" for a lot of technologies (JEE, PHP, C, Python, C#...). No doubt this community will follow the project on Eclipse and expects nice pragmatic generators. EEF is opening the path.

Want's more ? Here are a few demos :

Creating a new project From a Sample

Acceleo Eclipse Tooling

Overview of the Acceleo Syntax

Migrating from the old syntax to the new one

Want's more and more ? Acceleo is part of Galileo and builds are provided.

Do not hesitate to have a try and give feedback on the M2T newsgroup !