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Eclipse Helios is a release, but it's also a complete development cycle in a global and distributed team of commiters. Since I choose 3 features I especially liked in Helios this kept bugging me : what is Helios to me ?

Helios will have its place in my memory, not the bits themselves but good things we had as a community.

1 - The Acceleo Community joins Eclipse.org and starts by using black magic to build bits

It's just the begining of this move but so far it went pretty well :)

2 - Eclipse Summit Europe is the best Eclipse conference to meet friends

3- The dreaded diamonds of the Simultaneous Release are still haunting my dreams...

4- Our friend Hudson is now serving way more projects, but not always happily.

5 - The Foundation keeps moving things forward

6 - EMF Compare rocked at Eclipse Con 2010

Last but not least, this Helios cycle was filled with more interactions with end-users and adopters leading to nice enhancements in Eclipse as a whole, thanks for your help !