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at Eclipse Day Paris !

If you're always wondering why we are so excited about Eclipse Modeling Technologies, if you'd like to understand how technologies relates to each others and how they can be used, stop by at Eclipse Day Paris tomorrow :

"Modeling" . Behind this simple word lies strong opinions, misconceptions, obscure acronyms, meta-things and marketing campains far from the reality of developping an application. But if you look more closely, this forest hides a fairly small set of simple, powerful yet flexible concepts. If you zoom in again, you'll see awesome technologies. While some "dreamers" are giving more and more abstract discourses about modeling, on the field these technologies are pervading, even close to the bare metal in the Eclipse platform itself. In 2011, you might already know you can generate rich applications, but what about web technologies, PHP, C ? 

This talk will start by taking a step back about what is all this modeling stuff, what it isn't and what technologies the Eclipse Modeling project brings in this regard. The focus will be placed on tools and components useful to build any kind of application and not just Eclipse based ones : EMF, Acceleo. You'll come back with examples of how you could leverage those technologies for your own project.