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I'm a long long way from home.
And this poor lonesome cowboy.
Has got a long long way to roam ...

That's right, EclipseCon 2010 is over, each year it gets better and better and leaving it is always a bit sad.
I'll use this blog post as a memento of my feelings and the things I noticed during this week:

  • Many people are using EMF Compare. That should not be a surprise as it provides a key feature for anybody working with models, but still it gives me a warm feeling :) The ECon attendees provided me a lot of very relevant feedback, among others it looks like scability is not so nice when one is using a big model. Don't worry, I'll work on that (In fact I already started) and you can expect a performance boost, even for the generic engine. More of that in a future blog post with figures.
  • People are now used to the idea of e4 is going to exist, it will provide new means for writting application, I also have the feeling that people understood that e4 is going to be what WE as a community, wants it to be.
  • ATL is definitely THE model to model transformation language, it's mature, and now thanks to William's work the tooling is a bit closer to the perfection.
  • CDO is one of the most amazing framework I had the change to use, it's quite unbelivable that such a small and slim framework can provides you such a power. You need years of engineering and professionalism to achieve this. congrats to the whole CDO Team !
  • I have a lot of hope for the Mylyn Review project, the approach is simple but perfect for people like me, it will just be "yet another key feature" of the IDE. In fact the whole Mylyn project is providing, as usual, innovations.
  • The Sharks Rocks ! They blasted the Dallas Stars ! And I guess I'll be more interested about hockey now :)
  • Pascal has not been abducted by aliens, he is still the same although being transformed in a Maven guy now.
  • Modeling is everywhere. It's just pervading on everything : from your IP Log to the next generation platform you'll rely on.
  • End users really appreciated the work I did on the modeling package, Here again, thanks for your feedback.
  • Xtext was everywhere, and will be a key asset for the upcoming IDE generation.
  • The Eclipse Foundation did a tremendous work for this event, and it' s been perfect ! Thanks again !
  • Acceleo is so powerful that many people expressed their wish to use it for their code generation needs : step one on the "taking over the world" plan is validated.
  • Nasa, Rockets and Robots are cool.
  • The Architecture Council is taking more and more initiative and Martin is doing a great job driving it.
  • Now that EMF is everywhere everybody wants to use EEF
  • Huge companies like SAP or Thales are building their tooling strategy around Eclipse - not only as a platform but also as a community.
  • I already said "No" to my manager at least two times !
  • Such a conference in an hotel can work, and it's actually even better than in a Convention Center, we have nice couch, a bar, it makes discussion way easier.
  • Having tutorials in the morning during the whole week is great, then you start smoothly, learn things and code : I can fill my addiction.
  • It's possible to create a conference program of high quality (the best I had in the previous four years to my opinion), with such a diverse community. Kuddos to Oisin !
I'm pretty sure I'm forgotting things, but anyway, I really need to sleep now...

In a nutshell : the best conference ever :)