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You're a computer science or engineer student, you love open source and would like to be involved in one of the greatest OSS project of all times ?
You're lucky, the Google Summer of Code 2010 is starting and is a perfect moment to join the Eclipse community.

If you're a commiter you can throw your idea on the wiki page, if you're a student contact the development team or provide your own ideas.

I provided a few of idea, here are those who got most of the votes at Obeo :

EMF Shell, This one is geekish : providing an environement with "shell like" commands to manipulate models. One would expect wc to count model elements, grep to filter models elements, cd to move within models, ls, sed to substitute, and all the other commands which could be useful in this context.
Haven't you ever dreamed to filter the opened view of your e4 modeled workbench using grep ?

Now that SWT-QT seems to be a reality, I can't prevent myself to dream about a GEF port on QT. QT has amazing graphical capabilities and provide the best performances on every platform around there. GEF is great, but is it ready for next gen graphical modelers ?

Go and have a look on the demos. That could be a game changer for graphical modeling let's call it CuteGEF :)

Of course Modeling in general, EMF Compare and Amalgam topics are on the wiki page, you have plenty of subjects to choose from !

Please, if you're a student and are interested in participating to the GSOC, do not wait ! Work with the projects to prepare your application !