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"Modeling Project Runaway" was the talk you had to attend to get a vision of what is going on in Eclipse Modeling and more especially how lively this community is. The talk was even too short for EEF to get in but this project had his own talk yesterday.

Ignite style event, I did a quick demo of the new features in the ATL tooling. ATL is a model to model transformation language, it's incredibly powerful and usable in many different contexts. It allows you to transform information from a formalism to another one or to refine a model.

ATL has been around for quite a long time in Eclipse and has proven to be quite mature. Nevertheless great new feature have been added this year !

The tooling editor has been reworked providing now content assist every where, hover tooltips, "open declaration" and even code templates to quickly get started.

A long awaited feature is the "refining mode", in this mode the transformation is directly applied on the loaded instances of the model, you can then use an ATL transformation as a refactoring script and integrate it in your editor, before the synchronization could only be on the Resource level, forcing you to save and then reload the model.

Acceleo is providing you a Java API to launch your code generation, ATL is now providing you the same thing ! It's then trivial to launch ATL within any other tooling, just use the Java API, furthermore you can even launch it as a standalone Java application !

Demo time !

By the way ATL is one click away from you, just install the Helios modeling package and use the discovery UI to try this out !