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EclipseCon has been going on for a few days now, and I'm quite happy to say this year's event is great, especially concerning the social interactions. I've been coming here in Santa Clara for a few years now and I had the pleasure to meet, in real life, many of the Eclipse commiters and contributors. That's why going back there now also mean seeing friendly people again and having great time with them.

It started with the AC meeting on Sunday, which Martin perfectly handled (as usual). It's really nice, for a newcomer in these councils like me, to see that things are going on, and that people are pushing stuffs to make it real ! So please, do not hesitate to ask the AC !

It continued with the tutorials which really helps newcomers to adopt and understand our technologies. That was the occasion to meet many new people which is kind of a refreshing thing :)

From the Modeling perspective, this years also opens a lot of opportunities, despite the fact that our benevolent dicator is not with us right now, our community is really active and pragmatically tackles real world problems. The modeling BOF was a good example of that, and may be even a bit too much. We have not been able to have a really controversial debate as usual, I guess people keep that kind of stuffs for the numerous e4 events during EclipseCon !

One of the BOF result you'll soon experiment is that more "business cases" of successful usage of the modeling technologies will be advertised. Basically everybody in the BOF had at least one successful customer story to tell and that kind of feedback could be valuable for the community as a whole.

Speaking about pragmatic implementations and success, my talk about EMF Compare went really well, the room was filled with people already using, or interested in using modeling ! The corresponding slides are (at last) here :

unfortunately the demo links have been lost during the slides upload, you can watch the talk demos :
Metamodel agnostic diff/merge supporting multiple ressources
Platform Team API integration (CVS, SVN and GIT)
Graphical modelers integration (draft)
EPatch feature

Extensible diff model export

Among the interesting questions I had at the end one was : "Can EMF Compare is not able to compare a 50Mb model ? I tried and it crashed" - well, that's right, no doubt there is room for optimisation in the generic match engine used by EMF Compare, but comparing two versions of a whole huge model seems quite inappropriate most of the time, that's basically the same thing as if you would like to compare your C: drive with your D: drive, what's the point ?
EMF Compare 0.9 (soon to be 1.0) now supports model fragments, just split your models !
hat said, some of the use case for such a model (and even way bigger) stays valid and that's why I launched the GSOC idea about "comparing huge models" - by huge I mean millions of elements or more. That requires a very different algorithm, and specific handling of the "runtime data" needed to compare the models. Interesting subject indeed !

The good news is that seems like this subject is interesting students, great ! go ahead ! and provide a great application !

Another proof that pragmatism with modeling helps , Acceleo won the "
Best Open Source Eclipse-Based Developer Tool" , I'm really sorry not being able to get my pictures from my camera right now because it contains a proof that girls can't
resist on a kiss from a french guy, just imagine the picture with Jonathan and Lynn ;) . We've got an high standard to keep !

Stay tuned as EclipseCon is not over, I'll come back with even more event reports and "imaginary pictures"