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A few days ago the trolls opened their great framework a bit more adding new licence exceptions on their Free Software edition. This means Qt software can be used along with a larger range of other Free Software libraries and dependencies. One of these licenses is the ” Common Public License - 1.0″.

Discussions took place a long time ago about using QT as a toolkit for Eclipse (the same way we use GTK) and AFAIK the blocking point was its license. As a Linux user I’m a big fan of QT and I often cries concerning the GTK slowness. QT applications feel a lot more responsive and each release brings really nice features like a broad SVG support or soon a webkit component. Moreover this toolkit is cross-platform, I had a chance to use it coding a Python/QT application and it was effectively working on Linux/Windows and MacOSX without recompilation providing a native look and feel.

Lately Trolltech went toward the Java world with QT Jambi, and more especially toward Eclipse providing a full set of plugins for user interfaces design.

Did this licenses extension changed something concerning an eventual SWT/QT integration ? Do anybody want to share information ?