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One of the thing we keep hearing from the adopters is : we need more doc, not just reference documentation but also how using and combining the Eclipse Modeling components.

Richard Gronback's answer to these request was to write a book. But as we are living in a fast changing world filled with innovation it quickly got outdated.

Reinaldo de Souza, a GSOC student did an amazing work as part of the Amalgamation Project. He did prepare an awesome cross-modeling components tutorials : the design of an Android DSL using Ecore, providing a textual syntax using XText, customizing EMF editors using EEF up to generating the Android code using Acceleo.

The EMF domain model and Eclipse editors

Xtext Textual syntax for the DSL :

Acceleo to generate the Android code :

It is more than just a start, it really is a complete tutorial with step by step instruction on the wiki and the corresponding projects one can import in his workspace.

The original idea was to provide also tutorials and examples for GMF or Graphiti. It could not be done in the timeframe but anybody wanting to continue the example with the same domain model using other components is very welcome !

Now we still have to package it properly so that the adopters can get it in a nicely integrated way in their IDE.