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Using EMF sometime lead to frustration : any relevant change into this core framework means breaking client code and this is a No No !

EMF Core does not change.

In a world of technologies coming and going, new infrastructures poping up here and there, new practices revolutionizing the way we build software ...
EMF Core does not change.

New adopters, from tool vendors, to service provider, industrials, consultants, students...

But EMF core does not change.

Not changing in IT means being dead, right ?  So is EMF dead ? 

EMF Core always has been about giving value and making sure it's long term. One could be worried : but nothing new happens ? I'm gonna miss the NoSQL / documentDB / graphDB revolution  ? I'm stuck with XML and POJO Java APIs from the previous decade ? My software will only be a single-user desktop application ? What about the cloud ?

Stability, Predictability, Compatibility are the key words explaining the success of EMF : others can innovate on top of it, on a solid base, bring it in another space and focus on the value. "Others" here are stands for the "EMF Ecosystem", frameworks, tools which agreed  to access each others data reflectively, to refers to data using URIs by being built on top of EMF and then to provide even more services for the very same ecosystem.

This leads to an innovative and versatile ecosystem, and that's what I'm going to talk about.

15 projects, from tools to work efficiently with Ecore to frameworks to build software applications. Some of them being a few classes, others a whole bunch of Jars, but each one useful in my opinion.  During 25 minutes, at EclipseCon Europe on Wednesday just before lunch.

Technologies for NoSQL, document DB, concurrency, distributed architecture, crowdsourcing and much more, all of them on top of EMF.
More than just a list, for each of them an example of usage in a bigger application and my feedback using it.

 I can only say I already had a lot of fun preparing it and I can only hope you'll enjoy the talk.