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Leonardo Da Vinci was damn right about it, and Acceleo 2.0 is just another step in the right direction.
As planned we released this new stable version today. Have a look on the new and noteworthy to get an idea of the exciting features.

Ready-to-use bundles are available on the download page providing Eclipse, Acceleo, its dependencies, the whole set of generator modules and usefull other plugins like Subversive or Topcased.

This release mark the opening of the project to a broader community: people gathered to provide open source generator modules for JEE, CSharp, Php or Python. This set is made of stable and feature-full generators but also of experimental ones.
I do not forget about generators not yet ready to be released, mentionning Wisss or Enterprise Application no doubts they will soon bring new exciting technologies !

The Acceleo website had a huge makeover for the 2.0.0 release, more especially in the documentation and development sections. Speaking about documentation another great news is that fact that the “Obeo advanced documentation” is now free for a commercial use too !

Don’t miss the new “Take Part in Acceleo” page opening to various contributions users, architects or developers are able to do.

Still, to get to ultimate sophistication, we need your feedback ! Do not hesitate to interact with the team !