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I was cleaning up my ${HOME} folder today and found a set of demos I prepared two years ago.

I did this for a modeling course given at Polytech' . The course was about Model Driven Engineering, toward the end the student have to build a domain specific model for textual adventure games and then generate the corresponding Java app. Some students tend to go very far on this exercice buidling a fairly complex DSL.

The following demos are here to given an idea to the student of what can be done in a few minutes : a simple Ecore model

And then a graphical modeler :

And then we build Acceleo generator templates to directly map a game instance into its running Java code. It's a very interesting exercise, students are staying focused because it's about game, and at the same time it's a great example of the power of specific modeling. You don't design a game with an UML diagram, but building your own langage and using it you're quickly getting results and can evaluate many designs.

Building the complete tooling is a matter of minutes, not hours, here are the live demos :

Designing the Domain Model : vidéo

Specifying while running the Graphical Designer : part1 and part2

As a sidenote, these flash demos are based on a pretty old version of Obeo Designer, if you're interested, have a look on the latest versions which are even better  !