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I did not blogged a lot lately, several reasons for that:
  1. my web hoster decided that I had too much spam on my blog and destroyed the whole website with all its content :S
  2. I had a few weeks of vacation, a good chance to rest you'll say ! Well.. not really as you'll see with point 3 and 4 ;)
  3. in order to compete with Ed's incredible garden we decided to bought a house, so expect many more metaphoric blog posts with home made pictures!

  4. And at last but not least : Gaspard (Casper in English) joined us after 9 months of ecstatic waiting

That makes many good reasons to justify my lack of "mail answering" the previous weeks don't you think ? :)
Now let's work on those mails and prepare this great incoming Eclipse conference !

(The title is a quote by Don Herold)